My Story

Why do I make movies?


Ever since I was a child all I wanted to do was make movies. What was at first fascination soon became a desire to learn all about making movies from acting, to shooting, creating special effects, and understanding production design...I wanted to learn it all. At the age of 18 I left home looking for a way to get my hands on anything. I spent years working my way up the ranks...spending nights in dark editing rooms learning how to create string outs and broll cuts, conducting interviews on the windy and cold streets of Boston while learning the ropes of reality television producing. Eventually I created my first two short films and then took a break to learn how to get better. I began writing and soon script after script I learned what style made the most sense for me...where my creative voice really was. I started working as an Associate Producer and then eventually a Content Producer. I made commercials with celebrities and comedians...then jumped immediately to an edit booth to get the final piece done by morning. I found myself on film sets working along side the likes of Kevin Smith and Dylan McDermott as a Production Designer. I worked through the various ranks of film production until I found my place, my name is Brandon Agan. I am a Director, Production Designer, and a Writer. 


Brandon Agan, 

On the set of   Draupadi Unleashed,   2018

On the set of Draupadi Unleashed, 2018